Saturday, April 7, 2007

new wedding ring

On Sunday last, Peleg and I and a friend of ours spent a couple of hours at the LA Leather Weekend Streetfair. The site is just down the hill from our house in Silverlake on the same block as the Eagle bar.

Last summer, Peleg and I bought our wedding rings at a different street fair in the neighborhood called Sunset Junction (the junction where the end of Santa Monica Boulevard runs into Sunset Boulevard). I'd been having trouble with my ring being about a half a size too big for me ever since. It can slip off whenever my hands get soapy, and once I thought I had lost it, though it turned up again.

So we were hoping the same vendor would be there, and he was. He remembered us. I told him about the problem but he wasn't sure he could help. Our ring style had been discontinued and he only had four left, in random sizes. One was the same size as the one I already had. There was no ring in the half size smaller. He had a full size smaller which barely fit over my knuckle, but once it was on it felt fine, and won't easily come off. He sold me the new ring for $15 and I'm wearing it now.

I'll find something special to do with the original ring that was blessed during the wedding and that Peleg actually slipped on my finger. Right now it's lying on my nightstand.

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