Thursday, May 10, 2007

everything is scripture

The last time Peleg and I were at a W hotel (mid-March in San Diego) he picked up a promotional piece they had in the room with photo spreads of all their properties worldwide, and features on such things as their interior design philosophy, and restaurants, and their uniform style. I was flipping through the book last night and realized that this book, like every other book could be mined for spiritual lessons. The way Biblical scholars pour over every detail of the Bible and pick apart every word, you coudl easily do the same with the W book or any other book. Why is this picture next to this one? What does this phrase mean? Is this passage, which on the surface seems to be about hotel interior design really meant as a meditation on the interior design of a person's soul?

Scripture is more about the mind that one brings to the text than the text itself.

Some writings are written as responses to what the writer sees God doing in the world. But very little of what we regard as scripture was written to be scripture. And most of what I find to be the most spiritual, insightful and inspirational writing, the most revealing of God to me, is not found in scripture.

Beginning with a theology that tells me that God is enfused in every particle and moment of creation God is equally available everywhere we look: in every book, every word, every sight and sound and silence. It's not about the presence or absence of God (there can be no absence of God). It's about our looking.

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