Tuesday, May 1, 2007

last night's dream

Last night I dreamt that I was at David Byrne's house and he had my art on his walls.

The David Byrne part is easy. I did a worship service on Friday morning and I played a recording of the Talking Heads song "Take Me to the River" as the Postlude. The service was during the District Assembly in Riverside, so I did the service around a water theme. So David Byrne was on my mind.

The art work is a little more obscure. Peleg and I recently created some canvasses for our house. So some of my artwork is on the walls of my own house. But the artwork I saw in my dream was nothing like what I created. The pieces in my dream all contained images of arrows. David Byrne told me that he had been collecting my "Directions series." The arrows were all in primary colors with black outlines and pointed in conflicting directions. He had dozens of them. I had the impression in my dream that I had created these long ago and was surprised to see them again.

I don't think dreams necessarily mean anything. But the idea of arrows and directions, and particularly arrows pointing more than one way, has spiritual meaning for me.

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