Thursday, May 24, 2007

power lines overhead

I drive to church on Interstate 5 from Silver Lake, near downtown Los Angeles, through the San Fernando Valley, north to Santa Clarita, and back. There's been construction on the median at various points along the route for several months. Recently I noticed three or four signs stuck into the median at intervals that say, "Power Lines Overheard." I'm sure they are there to reminder the workers that electrical lines are strung across the freeway at the points marked by the signs and to be careful with moving cranes.

I think the signs are new, I never noticed them before, but on the other hand the construction crews have been working at the same locations for months so why would the signs only appear now?

Or maybe I just never noticed before.

Everywhere the world speaks it's spiritual wisdom to those who have ears to hear. Maybe the signs are there to remind me, too, that there are lines of power overhead.

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