Wednesday, May 30, 2007

good news: water on tap

a continuing series noticing progress toward the Kingdom of God.

The New York Times today carries an article ("Fighting the Tide, A Few Restaurants Tilt to Tap Water" by Marian Burros) pointing out the trend of upscale restaurants to offer tap water as an alternative to bottled water or to ban bottled water altogether. I'll drink to that.

That's good news because bottled water is incredibly wasteful. Think of the carbon burned to transport water from Fiji across the Pacific to be consumed in the U.S. Think of the plastic or glass bottle that at best has to be recycled (never re-used which would be less wasteful) and often ends up in landfill. With good restaurants countering the hype instead of promoting it people might even begin to make the same choice for filtered water in re-usable containers in their homes.

It's especially good news because the sale of bottled water is the highest profit center in a restaurant.

Anyway, I'll have a martini.

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