Tuesday, July 3, 2007

i guess that makes me cyndi lauper

Peleg and I went to see the final show of the True Colors tour, Saturday, June 30 at the Los Angeles Greek Theater a few miles from my house. Cyndi Lauper organized the tour as an opportunity to raise awareness and money for the Human Rights Campaign and particularly their work to expand federal hate crimes legislation to include sexual orientation, through the so-called "Matthew Shepherd Act."

The show was great fun. One of the most enjoyable concerts I've ever attended. The music was good. Sam Harris opened the show with "Bridge Over Troubled Water" in full gospel style - awesome. A Canadian band called the Clicks, The Dresden Dolls (who I hadn't heard before and was really impressed), Debbie Harry, Erasure, and Ms. Lauper her usual wacky adorable, big-hearted self. Margaret Cho MC'd. Rosie O'Donnel contributed a comedy set. Peleg and I danced in our seats to Erasure. We laughed with Margaret Cho who really seems to have gotten herself together, genuinely funny instead of just shocking. At the end of the show everybody came out to sing "True Colors" and ABBA's, "Take a Chance on Me." We sang along and bounced huge rainbow-colored balloons around the ampitheater.

Peleg had a revelation. He told me, "Now I know why you like church." He meant he felt that evening what he imagines I feel every Sunday: a big sense of loving community, we sing together, we share some pain, we laugh, we're gathered for a purpose bigger than ourselves, there's love, and joy, there's just enough social justice words so we feel inspired but not brow-beaten, we're reminded of our power and the essential goodness of humanity, we leave with a sense of hope and expanded spirits. He got it exactly right.


Louise said...

Thanks for making me smile and nod and say, "Yes, that's church."

debbiedoeshair said...

how sweet!!! i am very envious, but am so very happy tht you got to be there! Debbie Does :)