Thursday, August 9, 2007

give to the one who asks of you

I was talking to a friend of mine about the need to say yes as often as possible in life. I told him that I thought it was God's responsibility to keep presenting us with opportunities in life that would lead to deeper, richer experience, and that it was our responsibility to say yes to God's suggestions whenever we could. I even told him I thought in the Sermon on the Mount when Jesus says we should "Give to the one who asks of you" (Matthew 5:42) that he wasn't talking so much about charity as he was giving advice about a positive and accepting stance toward the world. If the universe proposes something we should try to say yes.

So, of course, today, as my cycling group is milling around the Coffee Bean getting ready for our ride, I'm approached by a man who asks if I could give him some money so he can buy breakfast. I have a twenty dollar bill and three singles in my wallet and I give him the $3. And then he tells me his story of trying to hitch-hike to Illinois where he has some family. He shows me a place on his arm where a bandage he had been wearing has left a black mark. He needs a shower. He shows me the ID band on his wrist that has his name. I assume it was from the hospital but he says it's from prison. He doesn't take it off because it's the only ID he has.

He's still talking when my cycling group is ready to go and they start riding off. I listen as long as I can and then I beg off wiching him well and luck. He says with real gratitude, "God bless you." God does.

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