Thursday, August 16, 2007

really 45

At the gym this afternoon I had the first experience that told me i was really 45. My birthday is today. I sat down on the exercise bike, the same bike I ride 35 minutes 3 days a week every week. As you start pedaling it asks you to enter a pre-set course - cross country; then enter a workout time - 30 minutes plus a 5 minute cool down; then enter your age. The default comes up 35 then you use the down and up arrows to adjust. I used the up arrows: 36, 37, 38, 39... The last time I was at the gym, Tuesday, I stopped at 44. Today I hit the arrow again: 45.

I don't know whether it really makes any difference in the operation of the bike. But it made a change in me.

1 comment:

Edward said...


First - Happy Birthday! Second - just wait, eventually you may have to change your "course" as you use the up arrows year after year.

But, then again, so do we all...