Thursday, September 13, 2007

judging God

would it be appropriate if someone had a really horrible life to judge God for it? I could imagine a scene of God being forced to hear the angry testimony of people after death who felt that God had not been fair with the life given them. Does God owe us a good life? And yet so many of us live miserable lives, or die tragic deaths.

Of course, the real question is not whether God owes us a good life, but whether God is actually capable of giving everyone a good life. Although I believe that God hopes for our happiness, God is not capable of manipulating the events of our lives to assure our happiness. Miserable lives and tragic deaths are not God's fault, they are the natural outcome of natural events, our own poor choices, or the poor choices of others who negatively impact on us.


Robin Edgar said...

The last time I checked, natural events that cause tragic deaths, or otherwise make people's lives miserable, are known as "Acts of God". God most certainly bears responsibility for any and all natural events that negatively impact on human beings. God even claims responsibility for such unpleasantness in the Bible. How can you assert that, "miserable lives and tragic deaths are. . . the natural outcome of. . . the poor choices of others who negatively impact on us" without understanding that many of God's choices negatively impact on human beings?

Earthbound Spirit said...

Welcome back! I'm not blogging much, myself, these days - but I check UUpdates regularly & saw yours. You might be interested in this book: Blameless in Abaddon by James Morrow. God is sued for allowing evil to exist in the world is the capsule plot summary. Very interesting stuff.