Wednesday, November 28, 2007

hunky santa

I got cast as the Hunky Santa for the Gay Men's Chorus Holiday Concert during our upcoming performance in Riverside, December 2. One of the production numbers features a traditional Santa character who at one point will walk behind a screen where I will be waiting and then I'll pop out as Hunky Santa with boots and red shorts and a hat as though the regular Santa had been magically transformed. Then one of the dancers jumps into my arms and I carry him off stage. That's it.

I'm actually the understudy to the understudy. We're doing two out of town concerts this series and the main Hunky Santa can't do either of the out of town performances and his understudy can only do one of them so I get to do the other one.

It's nice that somebody thinks I'm third hunkiest in the chorus. Of course this means I'll have to spend all week at the gym.

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Alex said...

This also means pictures, right?

Alex Winnett