Thursday, November 8, 2007

into the universe

there's a scene in the movie Harold and Maude where Harold gives a little present to Maude as they are sitting together beside the ocean. I think it was just a pretty rock but it might have been something more precious. In any case Maude admires the present for just a few seconds and then throws it into the ocean. Harold is shocked, but Maude says, "Now I'll always know where it is."

I've been struck by the feeling since my dog died on Sunday that while his body is gone that his spirit feels just as much present around me as it ever did. Perhaps even more so. It's as though he's been released into the universe, and his loving energy far from being lost is now magnified. He's everywhere.

I still miss him. And he had a very cute body, which I enjoyed and am sorry I don't get to see and touch any more. But I don't feel that he's entirely vanished. if I can't hug him any more at least I feel that he is hugging me.

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