Thursday, November 1, 2007

rescue garden

More garden work this week. I had finished in the back of the house so I set to work on the front. However, I had already used up my budget for new plants from the nursery and I had a lot of bare places to fill. What to do? I ended up canabalizing all of my potted plants. I had quite a few. Some of them had been left behind by the previous owner of our house. Many more I had inherited from a church member who was moving to a colder climate and couldn't take her plants with her. And then through my own tending many of the plants had multiplied and spread into new pots, particularly an aloe vera plant that had given birth to about 20 babies, and grand babies, all separated out to their own pots.

So i set to work transplanting all of these plants. 4 begonias, a spider plant, a daisy, a flowering tree I never knew the name of, another little plant that had been a thank you present from the car dealership when my husband leased his car, a bromeliad, the 20 members of the extended aloe vera family, an italian parsely and a thyme plant I'd recieved in honor of teaching a session of a Religious Education class at church (a gift of "thyme" - get it?) Many others. All went into the earth, wherever I could find an appropriate place.

They weren't the plants I would have chosen, but they were what I had. Like choosing a pet from the pound rather than buying an animal at the pet store. I've created a rescue garden in front of my house, a mutt, a motley family of odds and ends that nobody would have planned to put together but do have the benefit of looking a lot like life.

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