Friday, January 11, 2008

hair cut

Despite seeing Sweeny Todd a couple of weeks ago I went to the barber yesterday and got a haircut and a shave. The full throw the chair back and get out the straight razor shave.

I've never been the type to enjoy any kind of spa treatment. pedicures and manicures make me uncomfortable and why pay someone to take a half hour to do something I can do for myself in two minutes? Facials just seem weird. Massages make me tense, the opposite of relaxation. But I love a barber shave: the hot towels, the warm shaving cream, the "scritch, scritch" sound of the razor, the cool towel and alcohol after.

I'd gotten lazy at thanksgiving and let my beard grow. then my husband decided he liked it so I kept it, but finally had to say uncle on Wednesday night. I'm just not the fuzzy type. I cut the hair back to my usual 1960's science teacher length. And I did leave the mustache coming way down to the sides of my mouth a la Morgan Spurlock or 1970 gay porn star.

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