Thursday, January 31, 2008

Obama bound

I still have that Edwards bumper sticker on my car, already anachronistic after only putting it up a month ago. Listening to his announcement yesterday, which I caught as I drove to a ministers meeting, I was convinced I had made the right choice. Edward's focus on the poor and the working class, his sincere concern, and especially the timing of his withdrawal when he still had the resources to go forward but realized that his presence would only be as a spoiler. He's got the same hope and vision of Obama but actually combined with good policies. I'm sorry to see him go but I admire him even more for making the right decision.

I have mixed feelings about both Clinton and Obama. I've not been happy with the policies that Obama has proposed. Hillary Clinton is probably the better politician, but her problem to me is exactly that she is such a consummate politician. I don't want a president who loves to play the game I want a president who will change the game. Hilary's problem is not fixable. That's who she is. Obama's problem is fixable, given the right advisors, and the fact that the President doesn't actually create policy anyway, (that's the legislature's job), Obama becomes the better choice.

People have also worried about Clinton's electability. I worry, too. She is such a deeply reviled figure to so much of this country. But my problem here is not only my fear that she might not win in the general election (although that's a big fear) it's also that if she does win she will be unable to rally enough support either from the Republican side of the congress, or from the American people generally to effectively govern. After eight years of a badly fractured country we need a President for all of us.

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Lucy said...

We need change all right but now because of the last 8 years I think the challenge would be best met by someone who knows the ropes. I want to believe but I did that with Jimmy and look what happened.