Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Other people maybe know you better than you do

This month I've been contemplating the question of Epiphany, "Who are you really, and what are you here to do?"

Sometimes, when we ask that question of ourselves the only answer we can come up with is, "I dunno." But the answer doesn't have to only come from self-examination. There's a whole other realm of resources for finding the answer to that question; that's the realm of all the other people out there.

What do other people say about you? How do they describe you? What do they ask you to do? When do they turn to you with a job to do? If you're not getting enough clues just from listening you might even ask several people you trust to give you their impressions. You may be surprised to hear that other people see in you a quality you didn't think you had. What if you took their descriptions seriously instead of immediately tossing them out if they don't conform to your self-perception? It may be that other people see a you that is stronger and more talented than you thought. Or it may be that the person other people see in you is not the person you want to be - but in that case you'll still end up with a clearer picture of who you want to be and then can begin working to make that image actual.

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