Friday, January 11, 2008

primary watch

I decided before the first primary that I'm an Edwards supporter. I even went to his website, signed up for email bulletins (which come one or two a day) and toyed with the idea of buying a bumper sticker that I could use to cover up the Kerry sticker that's still on my car. I didn't get the bumper sticker because I had my suspicions that it would become anachronistic in a couple of months.

So I wasn't surprised that Edwards didn't win in Iowa, but happy that he came in second, and even happier that Obama won instead of Clinton. With Clinton being the early on favorite her third place finish has the effect of keeping the nomination process open for a little longer. That's good for the process as it forces the candidates to continuing clarifying their positions and engages more of the electorate. Even her surprise first place in New Hampshire hasn't closed the deal. At this point although everyone is talking about a two-way race between Obama and Clinton and Edwards doesn't seem to have much chance, at least he will still be legitimately in the race when I get to cast my ballot on February 5.

I'm still not buying a bumper sticker though.

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