Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Clinton Giuliani

Clinton's strategy of ignoring the small races in February in order to concentrate on Texas and Ohio on March 4 is starting to remind me of Giuliani's strategy, with similar results. While Giuliani campaigned in Florida he watched state after state fall to his rivals. By the time Florida voted his opponents had gained so much exposure and momentum, that Giuliani lost Florida as well and quit the race.

As Obama wins 3 states on Saturday, Maine on Sunday, two more states and the district of Columbia today, Clinton continues to campaign in Texas with the hope that a primary still three weeks away will turn the tide. Before we get there Obama will continue to win in Wisconsin and Hawaii, continue to get great press coverage, continue to sit on a lead not only in States carried but in delegates as well. Even if Clinton does win Texas and Ohio with the delegates split proportionally it would not likely put her back in the lead.

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