Wednesday, February 27, 2008

no pictures please

There's an incredible view from my bedroom window now. From the second floor window we look east, across silver lake toward a low hill and the homes on the other side of the lake. Behind that hill there's a more distant, taller, hill called Mt. Washington in the Highland Park, Eagle Rock and south Pasadena area of Los Angeles. And behind that hill there's another more distant range, and beyond that, about 80 miles to the east I can see three peaks of the San Gabriel's covered in snow. Yesterday when it was clear and warm in Los Angeles the view was stunning.

I asked my husband to take a picture for us and he said that he had tried before and couldn't do it. I'm sure a professional photographer with the right equipment could capture it but with the camera we have the distant view just washes out and the mountains disappear into the sky.

But I like the fact that some parts of life are only available in the moment. I enjoyed the view even more perhaps knowing that I would have to look well now because I would have only my memory (and future views) to look on.

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Shannon said...

I get what you mean. My camera broke, and I have 4 kids. Having no camera has made me concentrate on those special moments, truly focusing my mind in hopes of remembering for years to come.