Thursday, February 28, 2008

short ride

Today I went out on the bike determined to conquer a hill I had to turn away from on Tuesday because I didn't have time. This morning I had several hours available before an afternoon appointment. And I wanted to use the time on the bike to put my thoughts together for the sermon I'll need to write tomorrow for the Sunday service. The theme is, "balance" and what better metaphor can there be for balance than the act of riding a bicylcle.

On Tuesday I rode into Griffith Park and took a small hill that goes behind the golf course. At the top of the hill thr route either continues straight ahead, down the hill, or a left turn which takes you up an even larger hill eventually reaching the crest of the mountain that divides Hollywood from the Valley. (The Hollywood sign is further to the west on the same hill.) I started up the hill but realized there was no way I'd be able to make it and get to my 4 o'clock appointment so instead I turned down the hill and came back home.

Today I had plenty. I rode further out through the park and then came up the hill from the other side (the side I went down on Tuesday. But now when I got to the turn off to take the route up and over the crest a trucking crew waved my off. They were using the access road with several heavy trucks and didn't want cyclists in the way. So I had no choice but to continue forward and come home early.

I suppose there's still a lesson in there somewhere about "balance" but I'll have to think about it.

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