Thursday, April 3, 2008

karma question

For Easter the church put together an Easter egg hunt where the older kids hid plastic Easter eggs that the adults had filled with loose change. The younger kids searched for the eggs and then all the kids got to vote on a charity to give the money to. I keep change in my car for parking meters so when I got to church on Easter I emptied out the tray and loaded an Easter egg.

And then yesterday, twice during the day I had to park at a parking meter and had no money to put in the meter. And both times after being gone for more than a half an hour I came back to the car and found that I had not been ticketed.

So how does Karma keep account? Did I not get the parking ticket because I had done a previous good deed and had earned good karma? Or by not paying the parking meter (parking illegally) have I earned bad karma that will pay off negatively at some future date?

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