Sunday, May 25, 2008

can't blog - arm broke

I broke my wrist last saturday while riding my bike through griffith park. I'm typing this with one hand. Besides the embarrassing facts of the accident itself - i wasn't paying attention and rode into the back of a parked car - i have so many fascinating and witty things to blog about. But with one hand, a mind befuddled by painkillers, and an overwhelming desire to sleep, I'm not in a good blogging place.

Here's the blog titles I didn't post last week:

kindness of strangers
handsome men in uniforms
under sedation
the receiving end of church community
driving with one hand
surgery and surgeons
pre-surgery chat
"take a big breath"
one hand challenges - socks, pill bottles
vivid dreams - oxy contin
a new bruise
i can wiggle my fingers
thank god peleg is home
fireworks seen from my bedroom window
i stink

your prayers are welcome. No I won't be doing the AIDS/LifeCycle this year. Yes I will ride my bike again, can't wait actually. And yes I will find a way to blog


laura said...

Oh no! Take care of yourself and don't be a stranger - I always look forward to your posts!

Laura in Memphis

h sofia said...

Ooh, sorry about the broken bone(s); hope it heals well and soon.