Thursday, May 15, 2008

round and round

a little more than a month ago a car drove through the front window of my gym and took out the entire room of aerobics equipment. The gym owner used the insurance money to buy all new machines. So far so good. And after waiting over a month they finally arrived.

Here's the bad news. He bought nothing but treadmills and ellipticals. I always rode the stationary bike because I figured it helped me with my training for my actual cycling. He only had a couple of old machines and sometimes there was a wait for them. But now I don't even have the option of waiting for a bike because there aren't any. I know the ellipticals are popular but I've tried them in the past and never felt like they gave me a good workout. The treadmills are definitely out as being too hard on the knees.

Anyway, yesterday, seeing I had no choice unless I was willing to find a new gym I climbed aboard one of the ellipticals. And I spun around for half an hour. And after I adjusted the resistance up a few times I have to admit I had a pretty good workout. You know I was looking for a new thing anyway. Why do we waste our time grumbling for nothing? Silly habits and prejudices.

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h sofia said...

Ellipticals are funny. I used to use them, but felt like I didn't get the workout I needed, either. How could I be burning 700 calories an hour when I wasn't even breaking a sweat? Then I changed my posture, and WHOA - what a difference that made!

I'm a fan of the rowing machines, myself.