Wednesday, June 4, 2008

16 days to make a fist

I went back to the surgeon today. He cut off the original cast, cleaned up the arm a little bit (this was the first time I had seen my arm since before the surgery because they put the cast on while I was still knocked out) and took new x-rays.

Everything seems to be going along fine. I now have a new cast, smaller and lighter than the first one, thank God. And I have a new challenge. When the doc sees me again, on June 20 he wants me to be able to make a full tight fist. Right now, under their own power I can curl my fingers toward my palm but they won't quite touch. I can't move the top joint of my thumb at all using just my will. I'm to practice daily and he says iy will get stronger.

When I see him again he'll take off this cast, put me in a brace and then I start physical therapy

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