Tuesday, June 24, 2008

back to the gym

With a broken arm I couldn't keep up my regular exercise practice. Cycling is out. And so is most of the gym routine I usually follow. I can't grip free weights, and a lot of machines require even pulling from both hands. And for the first few weeks after the accident (I'm now in week five) my left leg hurt too much to put weight on it so even cardio was out.

All this puts me in a dilemma because exercise is one of my most potent spiritual practices, as well as exactly what I turn to when I'm feeling run down and depressed. Now when I most need a spiritual and psychological lift, I'm denied it. But with the leg finally feeling better I felt I could ride the stationary bike.

So I went to the gym for the first time yesterday and enjoyed it so much I went back again today. I rode the bike for 40 minutes each day and sweated and felt physical and felt my legs moving and feeling strong. It was bliss. When I went back today I also hunted around for some weight machines I could do. I found three: a chest machine where you hold your arms out and use your elbows to bring your arms together in front; and then two leg machines: a leg raise and a leg extender where you lie in the machine. I also did two sets of bicep curls with my left arm. Although I'm worried about working just one side of my body it felt so good I just had to do it.

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