Monday, August 11, 2008

12 Pound Weakling

My wrist is slowly healing. I had my physical therapy appointment this morning and the therapist complimented me on my improvement. That was nice to hear because I'm frankly still fairly anxious about getting all of my movement back. She said she could tell that I've been working hard, which I have. The physical therapy exercises that we started on a few weeks ago with 1/4 pound weights we've now pushed up to a pound and a quarter.

I also went to the gym today and decided to give a try to some of the old free weight exercises I haven't been able to do in three months because they require strength in the hand. I tried four exercises: bicep curls, arnold presses, an exercise that's like a bench press but done with two hand held weights, and a tri-cep extension. I could do all four exercises with a 12 pound weight where formerly I did those exercises with 30 to 45 pound weights.

So it felt a little pathetic to be so disabled. But it was a relief to be working those muscles at all. And slowly by slowly I know they will come back if I work at it.

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