Monday, August 11, 2008

good will hunting

My local Good WIll is the Nordstrom's of second hand stores. Big. Open space. Smells nice. I decided several months ago that the next time I needed some new clothes I would be green and also save some money by buying from Good Will instead of new. Today I gave it a try and had mixed success. I needed three things: some dressy short sleeve shirts for those occassions that need more than a tee shirt but less than a dress shirt: a couple of pairs of casual pairs of long pants, and a pair of everyday sneakers.

The short sleeve shirts were a big success. I bought 4 really nice shirts, cool styles, one is even a Ben Sherman, which is my favorite clothing line. Each shirt was only $4.49. But buying pants was impossible because they're not arranged by size, and some don't even have the size marked inside. It would have taken me hours to go through all the pants and then try them all on to see if they fit. Not worth it for pants that didn't look that great to start with. The shoes, too seemed pretty worn out and I can go to Payless and buy a new pair of sneaks for $10.

So I bought the 4 shirts plus a small glass vase all for less than $20. I paid with a credit card. And I donated two old wheelie suitcases that Peleg had thrown in the trash bin a few weeks ago but I rescued. The guy said they were really nice and was happy to get the donation. And I got a tax receipt.

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laura said...

I'm crazy about our local thrift stores, too - went this weekend and picked up a pristine leather jacket for Crash for $20... and for me a suit jacket for $4, and an absolutely stunning, unworn (still had the original tags in it), pale charcoal grey suit for $6. For thirty bucks I managed to get nearly $400 worth of clothes... and the satisfaction of knowing the money went to great causes. Such a win-win situation!