Saturday, September 27, 2008

blessings of exercise

After a month with my arm in a sling on Tuesday I transitioned to a brace with some metal pieces integrated into it to keep the wrist immobile and supported, but also some lovely velcro straps that allow me to take the thing off for a shower and for some light physical therapy. The first thing I wanted to do (after the shower) was to start exercising.

On Thursday I went to the gym. I can't do arm or upper body exercises yet because I don't have the hand strength. But I did a few leg exercises and then I rode the stationary bike for 40 blissful minutes. Exercise is my primary spiritual time, and the way I combat stress and depression. To be stressed and depressed about my physical problem and then to have that same physical problem prevent me from dealing with my stress and depression has been a double hardship.

I still can't ride a real bike. I don't have enough strength to hold myself up on the handlebars. The stationary bike is a good substitute but I was really craving getting outdoors again. So yesterday I took a run, which I had really given up doing since running the LA Marathon in March 2007. I got my old running clothes out of the drawer, and my shoes out of the closet and then I ran from my house down to the lake, around the lake and back. It took me about 40 minutes to run about 3 miles. Not fast but it felt really good. Running will be a good option for me until I can start riding again.

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