Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Gently, gently

Thank God. I'm out of the split that I've been in since the wrist surgery August 27. I saw the doctor this morning. The new x-ray continued to show bone healing, and the skin blisters that had been there two weeks after surgery when we first took a peek under the bandages had mostly healed. So the doctor approved me for a black cloth brace, the same brace I had been wearing before in June and July, with some metal pieces sewn into the sides for support. But the whole thing attaches with velcro straps so I can take it off for a shower and to do some exercise. He emphasized "gentle" exercise. I think I may have been pushing too hard the first time around which might even have contributed to the dislodged bone that required the second surgery.

So I'll be gentle, I promise.

And I start my twice weekly appointments with the physical therapist again.

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