Thursday, September 4, 2008

license to marry

Peleg and I picked up our marriage license this morning. In about an hour we'll be married, at the office of an MCC pastor who's a friend of mine from the Gay Men's Chorus.

We filled out the application form yesterday online. Peleg was "Party A." I'm "Party B." They ask where your parents were born. Peleg answered Russia and Iraq. I answered Ohio and Ohio. There are no questions about the sex of the applicants.

This morning we drove down to the Beverly Hills County Court House. We had to pass through security and the guard guessed we were there for a marriage license and then kidded us about my arm in a sling telling Peleg, "You didn't have to break his arm!" We were the fifth couple waiting: another male couple and two inter-racial couples, and a straight couple. The women at the window treated us all equally. Everyone was friendly. It all went very quickly. Because we had filled out the form online the clerk simply retrieved the record, checked our IDs and printed it out. Other folks were being told to wait half an hour while they typed out the forms.

We paid $70 by check. We had to swear that the information we had given was true. Peleg asked the clerk to take our picture. And that was it. I've seen the marriage license forms many times, and signed quite a few as well, but my name and signature were always on the Officiant line before.


Ms. Theologian said...


We were married at the Beverly HIlls Courthouse, and I remember the guards having quite a few jokes.

ms. kitty said...

Huge congratulations to you, Ricky and Peleg! Best wishes for a long and joyous marriage!

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Jay said...

Congratulations! All the best—and even more!