Saturday, September 27, 2008

So. Cal Rabbi Board Opposes Prop. 8

Southern California Rabbis from all four major branches of Judaism voted Wednesday to oppose Proposition 8, the California constitutional amendment initiative that would eliminate the rights of same-sex couples to marry in California. The Board of Rabbis of Southern California brings together more than 290 rabbis representing the Conservative, Orthodox, Reconstructionist and Reform streams of Jewish life. 93% of the roughly 120 Rabbis who voted supported the resolution to oppose Proposition 8.

The Board is not a political body and there was some feeling of the membership that the Board should avoid moving into controversial political territory. However, the Rabbis saw how the political issue directly affects the lives of persons in Jewish congregations and that the resolution was not a vote on the religious sanctity of same-sex marriage, but a statement of the importance of preserving constitutionally protected rights.

The mission statement of the the Board of Rabbis, includes social justice advocacy. "The Board promotes and enriches Jewish learning and living through programming and leadership in the areas of Community Learning, Social Justice, Healing & Spirituality, Professional Growth, Interfaith Activities and Media Relations."

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