Monday, September 1, 2008

what astounds me the most is that Sarah Palin didn't just say no

Once the flattery of being asked has worn off wouldn't there have been one night when she woke up in bed thinking. "Am I really ready to take over as President if John McCain dies in office? Do I even want the responsibility for making decisions on National issues I've never much thought about until now?"

"And if I do want to pursue this path is this really the right time when my husband I have a new special needs baby, and my unmarried, still in high school daughter will be giving birth to her own child later this year? I'm still young. Maybe there will be another opportunity in a few years when I've completed a term or two as Governor, got involved in National politics, got my family in a more stable place."

Even if John McCain didn't think this through, and it is really on him where the criticism should land, Palin could have said, "John, thank you but I'm going to have to pass."

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Robin Edgar said...

Well, as far as U*U posts about Sara Palin go, this is one of the more reasonable ones. . . Elsewhere on the internet it looks like Unitarian*Universalist U*Us are once again doing a great job of publicly demonstrating that the first principle of U*Uism, i.e. affirming and promoting the worth and dignity of *every* person, is not worth the paper (or electrons) that it is written on, or the breath that it is spoken with.