Wednesday, October 8, 2008

church camp

My denomination owns a camp in the woods near Big Bear in southern California. There's a big lodge with a kitchen and a huge fireplace. There are 8 cabins with bunk beds, heating, bathrooms, and two cabins even have their own small kitchens. There's a swimming pool and a hot tub. And then there's the surrounding woods and a lake and lots of great hiking.

My congregation joined with four others near us to have a camp weekend last Friday through Sunday. My husband came with me this year. We had about 90 people total including a lot of kids. A fellow minister and I led a workshop Saturday morning on Spirituality Types using the Enneagram and Myers Briggs. We also led an outdoor worship on Sunday morning.

The weather was great. The food was great. I even slept well which I can't say is always the case at camp. It was a thorough delight and even a pleasure, I have to say, to be away from my cell phone and lap top for two days and my incessant checking up on the latest polls.

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grammie m said...

Just what we planned - just what you found - an escape from city, schedules, technology. The fellowhip shared in nature is the gift of the mountain camp. The culmination of the weekend with a service beneath the tall pines is unmatched. See you next year.