Thursday, October 9, 2008

second night of phone banking

My church is hosting phone banks every Tuesday and Wednesday evening for the rest of this month for the No on 8 campaign. We had our first on Tuesday and I went again last night.

Again I started out feeling nervous, like the last thing I wanted to do was start dialing stranger's phone numbers from a call sheet. But after a few no answers I was actually starting to hope someone would pick up the phone. Through the course of the evening I dialed 72 numbers. Most were no answers or answering machines. But I talked to 13 people who by the end of our conversation told me they were voting No. That included some people who knew they supported marriage equality but were confused about whether that meant a Yes or No vote, and also a few who told me they were unsure at the beginning of the phone call but solidly no when I hung up. Only 1 person told me she would be voting Yes on 8, and even she was polite.

Phone banking is really making a difference. Phone banking makes me feel like we really might win this. There are a lot of good people out there. Let's talk to them.

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