Tuesday, October 14, 2008

weekend in Lubbock

Our Unitarian Universalist congregation in Lubbock Texas invited me to participate in a weekend of events celebrating their church achieving official recognition as a "Welcoming Congregation." I was happy to go and had a great time.

The main events were a dinner on Saturday night honoring two folks in the community who had founded the city's PFLAG Chapter 15 years ago and been GLBT supporters ever since, and then Sunday morning worship. I said a few words at the dinner and preached on Sunday. But it would have been tight to try to have my fly in on Saturday so I flew on Friday instead. And then there were no planes I could take Sunday afternoon that would get me home the same day so I stayed an extra night on that end too.

The extra time provided several opportunities to meet with many members of the congregation. Dinner on Friday at a Mexican restaurant. All day Saturday at the church rehearsing with the choir and consulting with the congregation President. Sunday night I had dinner again with several members of the congregation and we talked about the goals and challenges of the congregation. I really enjoyed my visit and wish them all success.

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