Friday, October 10, 2008

WIll the Conneticut marriage ruling help or hurt in California?

The No one 8 forces can argue, as does Geoff Kors a No on Prop 8 Executive Committee member, that the decision in Connecticut echoing the California supreme court decision of 5 months ago shows that the idea of marriage equality is gaining traction Nationwide, and isn't the aberration of a rogue California court:
“Today, another state recognized that same-sex couples have the fundamental right to marry,” Kors said. “We believe – as do millions of our fellow Californians – that laws should not treat people differently, and we’re thrilled that loving couples in Connecticut now have the same fundamental rights as everyone in California.”

But the Yes on 8 side will probably counter that the Connecticut court decision, also a 4-3 split as in California, is further proof of the out of control, activist judiciary that the people must rein in. The difference is that California initiative process allow a simple majority of voters to change our constitution, leaving minorities vulnerable. In Connecticut the ruling will likely stand. The outcome in California remains to be seen.

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