Monday, November 3, 2008

last minute weddings

I married a couple at Starbucks this morning. They decided at the last minute that they shouldn't risk not being able to get married after tomorrow. We'd been trading email and phone messages since Friday. I had never met them. But one of the guys told me that he had attended Sunday school at a Unitarian Universalist church when he was a kid and he wanted a Unitarian Universalist minister to sign his wedding license. He found me online. They had already been together 25 years, they didn't need a ceremony or a blessing (I gave them a blessing anyway) they just wanted legal recognition.

They picked up their license this morning and then we met about 11:30 at a Starbucks near my house. One of the baristas volunteered to be the witness. She was very excited. The manager came over to congratulate the couple and then he bought us all hot chocolates. They were a great couple. Really good guys. Obviously in love. Obviously a secure and productive relationship. I was so happy to help them make it legal.

I'm signing another marriage license for another male couple later tonight.

I'm optimistic that Proposition 8 will be defeated tomorrow but I still think it's wise for these couples to take no chances.

Pray for us.

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