Thursday, January 1, 2009

run around

Still laid up with my (insert expletive) broken wrist and not able to get on the bike in 7 (insert expletive) months I've taken up running again. At least it gets me out in the sunshine. And it gets me some badly needed exercise. I am going to the gym but I can only do leg machines. And then I can use the stationary bike. It's a good workout but it's not the same thing. And the lack of weight-lifting has slowed my metabolism so I've been putting on some pounds lately. Ugh.

I'm lucky to have a nice right-out-my-front-door run, down to the lake, once-around for three miles or twice around for five miles, and back to the house. I used to do it twice a week when I was training for the marathon.

AND, the city just completed a long-awaited path on the opposite side of the lake. Instead of running in the street now we can run (or walk, dogs too) on a nice graded path, through the trees. Friendly people. Nice Views. SOuthern California weather. There's even a water fountain. Cool.

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