Monday, January 19, 2009

sick but feeling better

being sick is weird. How fortunate I am that I can say that. Being sick is a rare occurence for me. I get a cold maybe only every other year and that's it. But I've had one the last few days. It started with a sleepless night on Wednesday. Thursday I was exhausted and had a headache all day. But I needed to be up and around for several errands and work appointments from early in the morning until late in the evening. I actually was craving tea in the evening, which is a sure sign I'm sick, and I went to bed with Nyquil. Friday I stayed in bed all day and read through several weeks worth of New Yorker and Christian Century magazines I'd gotten behind on. I drank more tea.

Saturday I tried to get up in the morning as I had a meeting to attend but realized in the shower that although I could probably have forced myself to be there no one else at the meeting would have been pleased to see me in that condition. I went back to bed. In the afternoon I got up for a few hours to work on my sermon.

And that was probably the worst of it. Sunday I did get up and go to church. I preached on MLK, and Obama, and the mysterious nature of "rights" that are unalienable to us but also depend on laws and the good will of our fellow citizens to make real. I spent the rest of Sunday in bed. Peleg and I watched the movie "Man on Wire" on DVD while I lay on the couch with my bathrobe and blankets. But today I got out of bed, got dressed, and I'm doing my regular Monday housecleaning.

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Robin Edgar said...

I to am lucky in being in very good overall health and rarely getting sick. Except for being psychotic of course. ;-)

Get well soon Ricky.

BTW If you start to develop a sore throat dissolve two aspirin (ASA) in cold water then add some quite hot water and gargle with it. This usually nips it in the bud.

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