Friday, January 30, 2009

still coughing

two weeks and a day after coming down with a cold I'm still coughing. The major sickness passed in about three or four days. I was badly sick on Friday and Saturday two weeks ago. Sunday I went to church but came home and slept the rest of the day. But by Monday I felt pretty well.

But since then I've not been able to shake a lingering cough. I'm feeling that the virus must certainly have been defeated by now and what I'm experiencing is just the body's inability to turn off it's defense mechanism. It's an example of what we come across so often in life of old patterns and habits continuing long after the surrounding situation has changed. There's no longer a healing purpose to my cough but it continues, just the way that old adaptive strategies that kept us safe in childhood, or early relationships, or our first dealings with the world, get repeated in current situations even when they're no longer effective, or might even be making things worse for us.

My cough is so strong it gives me a headache. not to mention disgusting and annoying to others. Please make it stop.

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Robin Edgar said...

Yes there seems to be some "less than pleasant" stuff in the air these days. I have a pretty darn good immune system but had a nasty sore throat Saturday morning which progressed to a head cold. Still I have manged to keep it quite under control with Vitamin C tablets and lots of tea, the occasional lemon and honey, and catching up on my sleep. In fact I think it was a bit of sleep deprivation that caused my immune system to be unable to fend off the cold in the first place. Hope you are doing better soon Rick.

Robin Edgar
The Dreaded Emerson Avenger :-)