Monday, March 9, 2009

back on bike

Saturday, after 9 months and maybe 20 days, I finally rode my bicycle again - the first time since I had broken my wrist on May 17.

The doctor had given me the go ahead back in January, but then I had been sick for a few weeks, and then it rained off and on for several weeks, and I was busy with other things. Earlier this week I had finally taken my bike in to the shop to replace the seat that I had ruined in the accident, and to by myself a new helmet. So finally on Saturday all the necessary positives converged: the bike was ready to go, I was healthy, I finished my sermon earlier that morning, the day was sunny and dry (and had been dry for a few days so it was unlikely that I'd have to ride over slippery wet patches) so with some trepidation I suited up and went for a ride.

It was beautiful, and easy, and fun. I had been a little scared to get started but once on the bike I realized I would be fine. I did a short ten-mile ride along the bike bath next to the LA river, so it was safe and flat. The only challenging parts at all were riding from my house down to the river and then back to the house from the river. My wrist did start to get tired and sore by the time I was finished so I was glad I wasn't going any further than 10 miles, but it will get stronger quickly now that I'm working it.

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