Wednesday, March 11, 2009

the fat lady sings

I've had to resign from the Gay Men's Chorus. Now that I'm working with the Los Angeles Unitarian church as well as my previous gig with the Santa Clarita church I just don't have the extra time available for the chorus. I could still make the Monday evening rehearsals but giving up the weekends for the shows, plus the extra practice I would need to do on my own to work out difficult passages and (especially) memorize a concert's worth of music just wasn't possible any more.

I had a great three years with the chorus and I will cherish the memories. I got to sing at Disney Hall. I got to play a sailor onstage in a Wagner chorus. I got to pose as a sexy Batman for a calendar fundraiser. I got to travel to Miami and attend a week-long gay and lesbian chorus conference.

I will miss the regular connection to music in my life. My plan is to try and put more energy into my composing and satisfy my music gene that way.


Eve Bushman said...

Perhaps you will compose something for the future Music Worship service?

Robin Edgar said...

So when are you going to post that sexy Batman picture here so Robin and others can see it Rev. Ricky? ;-)