Friday, March 20, 2009

a little wrist bone, please

After two months of being released by my orthopedist to go back to light exercise I went back for a new x-ray to see what's happening with my wrist bone. Everything healed up except for a dime-sized botch on the inside of the radial bone. The doctor and I, and a second doctor we consulted with, decided that as long as the wrist wasn't causing me any pain (it isn't) to leave it alone surgically and see if the bone will eventually grow back.

And the good news is that it has - or is - there's still a long way to go before I could say it's completely healed. But looking at the x-ray from this week side by side with the x-ray from a week ago it's clear that new bone material is starting to spread across the gap.

I have been going to the gym. I started lifting 10 pound weights with the wrist, then 15, today I did 20 pounds. The wrist certainly feels stronger. And it's good for me in every other way to get back to my exercise routine. So I was very glad to hear that progress was being made and that I could continue with the program I've been on.

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