Monday, March 9, 2009

rally in the rain

Wednesday evening I attended the Los Angeles Eve of Justice rally in downtown Los Angeles.

I rode the subway down to Union Station and then walked over to Olvera Street, the site of the rally. A light rain came down off and on the whole time. I had my umbrella and joined everyone else in putting them up when the rain would come and then folding them closed again when the rain would stop.

For some reason I wasn't in the mood for a rally. I didn't feel I needed to be there. I waited until Mayor Villaraigosa spoke and then I came home again.

It's good to have the support of politicians like the mayor. It's great to hear the sentiment from so many that the tide has turned on marriage equality and we will prevail someday. I believe it's true.

I came home and my husband made us steaks, then we watched TV together on the couch and went to bed. A married couple.

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