Tuesday, April 14, 2009

check this out

The Los Angeles Times reports that the Santa Monica Public library has organized an event to check out a person. They've arranged with several people from various interesting backgrounds to be available for half hour conversations with library patrons. Do you want to talk to a mormon, or a police detective, or a Jewish lesbian mom? Reserve your half hour appointment and use the person just the way you would a research book.

Love this idea. I've always said that the cornerstone of the Unitarian Universalist faith is personal experience. We cherish the diversity in our congregations (and wish we were more diverse) because of the opportunity it creates to get to know what it's like to be a person who isn't like ourselves and thus we have a larger "scripture" available to study than just our own lives.


Robin Edgar said...

Do you think there's anyone in Santa Monica interested in checking out that Transcendentalist Super Hero known as The Emerson Avenger Ricky? ;-)

I'm game if they are. . .

Eve Bushman said...

This does sound really cool. Like speed dating but with an extra 25 minutes. (No, I've never done speed dating...)