Wednesday, May 6, 2009

marry in maine

it's exciting news. what once seemed unimaginable seems now commonplace. The story that Maine has now approved marriage for same sex couples isn't even being reported on the news radio station I listen to in my car. Later today the New Hampshire legislature sent a marriage equality bill to their governor. The states are now moving twice in one day.

One quibble. Every news report keeps counting Maine as the 5th State to grant marriage equality. As a happily and still legally married gay man in California I feel a little ignored. Technically California was the second state to grant marriage equality, after Massachusetts, then Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont, and now Maine. New Hampshire might be next. But if by chance the California Supreme Court does overturn Proposition 8 (we're still awaiting the decision, due by early June) will the media count California as seventh (after New Hampshire) or second (after Massachusetts)?

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