Tuesday, September 22, 2009

public transportation commuter

I rode the bus to work today. I walked down the hill from my house to West Silver Lake Drive. waited 25 minutes at the bus stop. Then paid $1.25 and rode the bus for less than 15 minutes to the corner of Wilshire and Vermont. I bought a small coffee and a chocolate croissant at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, and then walked down Vermont three blocks to the church.

Later this morning I'm going to walk back up to the same intersection and board the Red Line subway for a trip downtown to join a healthcare rally. Then I'll subway back to the church, work a little more, then take the bus back home.

Except for the long wait at the bus stop the commute was easy. It did make a trip that takes less than 20 minutes in my car last nearly an hour. But that inconvenience would be ameliorated if I had a better notion of the bus schedules. The real problem with the bus though is that I hardly ever have a day when I only need to go to work and then back home. I almost always have to be in several places around town during the course of the day. Or I have an evening meeting and I don't really want to be waiting for the bus at 9:30 at night.

But it did feel good to do it today. And I'll do it again as often as I can.

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Mickbic said...

I am now on disability but the last job I had I took the bus to get to my job of delivering flowers. I only worked three days a week for the last eighteen months and could not afford an automobile.

Now I mostly walk between the coffee, the bathroom, the loft bedroom and the basement computer. If my sister does not know what I want from the grocery store I tell her. She no longer trusts me with the car keys my nerves are that bad.

For exercise I walk to the grocery store with a Sierra Club backpack to bring groceries home in. I have chronic fatigue syndrome and make the most of what energy I do have. It is a good life.