Tuesday, February 23, 2010

new website

I've just posted a major overhaul of my RevRicky.com website. check it out.

Back in September I bought a new Apple computer. The operating system that came with the new computer would no longer support the old DreamWeaver software that I had been using to update my RevRicky.com website. So the website had been frozen as it was just before I bought the new computer. Then, over the last several days, I finally had some time to learn the iWeb software that came with the new computer and re-create the site.

On the new website you can read all the sermons I've written since last summer, as well as all the prayers I wrote for worship during that time. There's also a calendar of where and what I'll be preaching from now through the end of the church year. I'll be adding more stuff to the website as I get to it over the next several weeks.

For now I'll continue to use this Google site for my blog, but I'll no longer be posting sermons and homilies here, nor will I be posting my prayers on the affiliated UUSCV Prayer and Meditation group blog. Eventually I'll probably move this blog on to the RevRicky.com site as well.

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