Sunday, June 24, 2007

still not me

I had dinner last night with two minister colleagues. I walked down to meet them from my hotel room and realized as I arrived at the restaurant 12 blocks away that I hadn't brought my name badge that would allow me access to the conference after diiner. We had a lovely dinner and I decided I did want to go to the evening lecture but didn't want to walk back to the hotel so I decided to risk it.

A volunteer at the door of the hall told I couldn't enter without the badge. Good for her. And she gave me fairly easy instructions to get temporary credentials by visitng some other room in the convention center. Instead my colleagues and I practiced a little deception. The two of them went into the hall while I waited out of sight outside. Then one came back with both of thier name badges and I put one on and went in to enjoy the lecture.

But while still standing outside the hall wearing my friend's name badge I had that same experience I've had all week of not being myself. I was spotted by two people who knew the man who's badge I was wearing and knew i wasn't him.

"Who are you?" is a core spiritual question. They knew I wasn't the name on the badge. But when I told them my real name all I gave them was another kind of name badge. I'm Ricky. Well who is that? How do we answer the question of identity?

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