Monday, December 7, 2009

wet car

It's raining today in Los Angeles. And I needed to drive up to Santa Clarita for a church meeting. I was worried about taking my new car in the rain because it's a soft-top convertible, and I'm still feeling over protective. But we have a friend visiting who needed to use our bigger car to do some shopping so I didn't have a choice.

I needn't have worried. Not only was the soft top perfectly fine. But it turns out my car has a feature I didn't even know it had: windshield wipers that sense the amount of water on the windshield and automatically adjust their speed. What a smart car!

Here are some other features on my new car that my eleven-year-old car didn't have and which I know consider to be absolutely indispensable, of course:

heated seats
automatic headlights
a mute button on the radio.
an outside temperature gauge
low tire pressure warning light
rear defroster that turns itself off after a minute.
In dash 6 CD changer.

And let's not forget the automatic convertible top that I can even put up and down while driving.

Oh, and it gets 43 miles per gallon on the highway.


Robin Edgar said...

You might want to consider putting a Mercedes Benz hood ornament on it Ricky. ;-)

Eve Bushman said...

Sorry about the rain Ricky, sure love to see you in your Smarty Pants car with the top down in real life soon!