Wednesday, April 1, 2009

front yard garden

I was happy to finally get my garden set up on Tuesday. Peleg and I had talked about turing our small front yard into a vegetable garden. At first the idea had been to dig up the grass and plant directly into the ground. but that would have been hard work and would have left the garden vulnerable to our dog walking through it. Then we decided to build some raised beds. That was probably a good idea but not being very handy with that sort of thing, and because it required some advance planning and a trip to the hardware store I kept never getting around to it.

Finally I had an idea that I could make use of a bunch of large pots that I have around the house. Some of them were given to me by a former church member when she moved out of the area, others were left at the house by the former owner when they moved out.

I scrounged up 11 pots of a suitable size. I bought 4 big bags of soil in the morning and filled up the pots. That afternoon Peleg and I went to the nursery together and bought, 5 tomato plants, 2 bell peppers, a cucumber, an eggplant, a bush beans, basil and dill and strawberries. I don't know if we'll get enough vegetables to make back the $75 we spent on soil and plants, but it will taste good, and be healthy, and there's an irreplaceable satisfaction that comes from eating food you've grown yourself.

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